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We’re responsible for the quality of life we build for ourselves, our children, our community…and the influence it has globally.

We should work with diligence and zeal to make sure that every effort creates a ripple effect in all those areas.

 The more we grow as individuals — and as organizations — the bigger the impact can be felt intimately, externally, and at a broad length.

And to make this change, we need more ESG-influenced and stakeholder-capitalist driven companies that care about people, profit, and the planet.

ESG: Environment, Social, and Corporate Governance

Hi! I'm Anne Sperling and you might be wondering how I know this.
Hi! I’m Anne Sperling, and you might be wondering how I know all of this.

The answer is simple: I witnessed it first hand within my first company, which was founded in stakeholder capitalism.

In 1995, we were a web-based company, when only two percent of the public was using the internet. At the time, most of our customers thought the internet was a fad. But, the early adopters were engaged and loyal. We helped them, and they helped us.

I regularly saw the impact made from within the organization because of how engaged our employees were and how supported they felt by the company.

When they went home, they brought that positivity into their households, impacting their family members, their communities, and their larger networks. Our global partners also built large teams under the same model…affecting positive change at a larger scale.

I’ve spent my professional career seeing how stakeholder capitalism can benefit enterprises and the world at large, and I’d love it if my expertise and advice can help transform other organizations’ efforts to do just that.

I’d love to work with your board or senior leadership team to review its vision, its impact, and discover new growth opportunities.

 And perhaps, we can create higher value for the company, its people, and the planet.

What is the 3Gs Way?

The 3Gs Way is our formula for blending data, HR, technology, vision, and the footprint you want into a story of how you’d like your business to exist into the future with key information on how to measure it to make informed decisions and sustainable change.

 It is a proven mapped process for your infrastructure that embodies stakeholder capitalism and ESG. The 3Gs Way will universally work for every unique organization because its success for you is how your team infuses the process with their generosity in creativity, diligence, and zeal.


The Promise of the 3Gs Way

  • Insightful decision making

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Overcome challenges with innovative breakthroughs

  • An enthusiastic thriving team and customer

  • Growth of business

  • Acceleration of development and profit

  • High ‘abundant’ gross margin

  • A built-in ESG plan with simultaneous action

The Future

The 3Gs Way isn’t our way — it’s your way.

We’ll help you with your corporate betterance to do the goodness that you want to do for the people and planet, so that you can achieve greatness.

People are the drivers of possibility and actualization. ESG puts the environment first; We differ in that the 3Gs Way puts people first on the whole.

Because it’s people that drive governance. It’s people who are accountable for their actions, and it’s people who live with the consequences of those actions.

Meet Anne Sperling

Providing Strategic Board Advisory Service to Privately-Held Companies

Anne Sperling is an accomplished business advisor of privately held and nonprofit companies. With more than 25 years of experience in the real estate, nonprofit, and technology industries, Anne has developed a deep expertise in identifying, evaluating, and mitigating organizational risks and issues as a business advisor to boards and senior management teams.

She has a proven track record of leading across a broad range of responsibilities, including board governance, strategic advisory, mergers and acquisitions, marketing, and culture and people development.

Ready to learn more about the ways I work with my clients?

Meet Anne Sperling, Accomplished Business Advisor
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