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Trees From Above

No matter what, you are going to have an impact on the world.

You get to make the decision whether that impact is a positive one.

As a business owner or board member, you set the table for the prosperity of your organization. You are responsible for its successes and failures.

 And you don’t take that responsibility lightly. But as important as profits are, you also care deeply about the people around you and the impact your organization has on the planet.

 ESG can help you better the planet, increase happiness, and drive business success throughout the process. And having an ESG-plan can move you to the top of an investor’s list.


If that’s not enough proof for you, after two years of Covid, it was recognized that companies operating stakeholder capitalism managed the challenges better than companies that did not.

Now, stakeholder-capitalism-minded companies incorporating ESG for corporate governance —through measurement of metrics and principles—are at the very top of investors’ lists for funding. This levels the playing field for smaller organizations to compete in the workforce.

And you want that.

You want to future-proof your business.

 If you’re looking to move your organization forward, you know you may be met by resistance. Yet, you also know the new way of working is the future way to do business.

 What you need is an individualized 3Gs-formula built on successful business systems married with sustainability best practices to set you up for engaged people, increased profits, and a positive footprint on your community and the planet.

Here’s How We Work Together

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Get quick assistance or
a different perspective.


Have a spark of a vision that
you’d like to vet?

Board Meeting

Bring the 3Gs Way to your organization.

3Gs Challenge
3Gs Challenge Strategy Session

In need of quick assistance or want a different perspective on a challenge you’re facing within your organization?

The Challenge Strategy Session will help senior leaders break through any obstacle from the 3Gs perspective. This 45-minute session is ideal for individuals who are facing situations such as…

  • Resistance to new ideas

  • Trouble relating to coworkers

  • Not enough transparency within the organization

  • Issues delivering on product deadlines

  • Awkwardness with investors

  • The value of managing risks

Or any other specific challenge where your organization needs immediate help or a different perspective.

Planning Session
3Gs Planning Session

Have a spark of a vision that you’d like to vet?

Maybe you’re looking to introduce a new product to compliment your current services or you’re planning to move your client base to a new space. Regardless of the change you’re considering, we can work together to whiteboard your idea using the 3Gs formula.


During our 3Gs Planning Session, we’ll spend three-and-a-half hours working through

  • The possibilities of that vision

  • The probabilities of the outcome

  • The key areas to focus on to build out that vision

  • And how to measure success moving forward


3Gs Advisory Intensive for Boards and Entrepreneurs

 Want to bring the 3Gs Way to your organization in a strategic and focused manner?


In a 3Gs Advisory Intensive, we help boards and entrepreneurs develop their vision and make steps to move forward and make that a reality.

Let’s work together within this intensive to build a board — or build the 3Gs within your board — to create a more cohesive environment to meet your goals even faster.

For Boards

The 3Gs Advisory Intensive may help boards

  • Clarify vision

  • Determine the ethics you want to bring to the company

  • Identify values and how to bring them forth

  • And determine the impact you’ll have and how to govern that

For Entrepreneurs

The 3Gs Advisory Intensive may help entrepreneurs

  • Decide whether now is the right time to build a board

  • Determine what to look for in a board director

  • Choose the proper board size

  • Determine whether or not the CEO or investors should sit on the board

  • Identify what investors are looking for

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