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Make your way of doing business the future way of doing business

What we do today impacts people, our profits, and planet, and you know what direction you want to take. 

You want the impact you make personally and professionally to be a positive one. You want to protect the environment, strengthen your communities, and improve the lives of others — all while making a profit. 

Yet, you’re in the situation where your vision is met with resistance, and you want your voice to be heard. What you need is a way to show the board that the future way of doing business creates

  • Accelerated business growth

  • Increased profitability

  • Engaged and happy employees

  • Global sustainability initiatives

Ready to be heard?
Let me introduce you to the 3Gs Way.

Hi! I‘m Anne Sperling.

I help organizations who value stakeholder capitalism and ESG be heard and make change.

Working together, you’ll learn how to analyze your metrics and create systems that optimize that data — helping you to make insightful business decisions immediately and into the future.

I'm Anne Sperling

You lead your impact on people, profits, and the planet.
It all starts here with you!





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Board Meeting

Bring the 3Gs Way to your organization.

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Interested in building a company that’s focused on people, profit, and planet?


You are not alone!


Join me in welcoming leading business, boardroom, ESG, and stakeholder capitalism experts as we discuss how to build the businesses and boardrooms of the future.


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